New old blog

A NEW DAWN: See what I did there...

IN the past couple of years I've spent so much time working on my local news site that I've struggled to find the time to update my own, personal blog.
I've decided I'll make a bit of an effort to post things more regularly, as the site was a useful half-way house between journalism and creative writing. It was also the place to put the jokes that would otherwise look out of place in both reports of local council meetings and stories about time-travelling film crews.
Regular readers [all four of you] may notice that I've gone back to using my original blog, which I'd mothballed a few years ago. I can't quite remember why I decided to reboot the content, although it was probably something to do with that well-known horror of having to look back at stuff you'd written a few years before and realising how awful it was.
Now however I've decided that any writer worth their salt should be willing to lay bare early attempts and rough drafts, rather than locking them away in some secretive corner of cyberspace. So all the old content - warts and all - has been restored.
I've added pictures to a few posts to make the homepage more attractive and nicked the name from the more recent version of the blog, but the rest of the words are the same as before.
This means that you dig back far enough you can find my attempt to sound positive ahead of leaving the paper, which if I'm honest rang hollow even when I originally wrote it. Real life, even more than fiction, often doesn't age all that well.
Also here are all the solemn vows to definitely, definitively finish a first draft of my novel by the end of 2011, 2012, 2013, Michelmas Eve, the Night of St Vigeous, the End of Time itself...
And more recently you can read my eve of election piece, which was written in expectation of a Tory landslide. In that particular case, I'm not in the least bit sorry I was wrong.
As well as wanting to put the old stuff back on show - complete with embarrassing u-turns and dubious similes - I realised I actually preferred the old version of the site. It didn't take itself quite so seriously and wasn't afraid to cover other topics.
When I went for the redesign a few years ago I had very worthy ideas about only writing about my attempts at a novel. However, I'd much rather have a free hand to also prattle on about politics or sci-fi or the relative success of my vegetable patch. Sometimes I might be tempted to fuse all three and if you think that's silly I'd invite you to watch The Martian - a film which made millions at the box office with a heady mix of space exploration, spuds and shenanigans at NASA.